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In Survivalcraft 2 fighting to stay alive becomes even more challenging as you’ll have to battle against new diseases, like the flu, and avoid getting sick from food rot. Plus, this time around, the temperature becomes lower at night so make sure you build a resilient shelter to protect yourself from the cold weather and off course, predators. But not all is bad since having highly improved weapons will help you hunt the new animals in the island like leopards and jaguars.
Another great addition is the new female players, which may be weaker but are faster and need less food. Also you can now make and combine 40 different items of clothing to protect yourself from the weather and from attacks!
The best part is whether you’re exploring deep into the caves for mineral textures, digging for treasure items in graves or taking you’re boat out for a ride in the rivers, you can now play with up to three friends using split screen! Plus, trying to survive in this newly improved infinite blocky world becomes even better, now that gamepad support was added.
Survivalcraft 2 has 5 different play modes to choose from: Harmless, Challenging, Cruel, Adventure and Creative. Choose the one you feel more confortable with and good luck trying to stay alive!

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virginia regalado avatar
Thar Gyi 3 months ago

Reply to virginia regalado

only losers play this game

virginia regalado avatar
Sod Sod 3 months ago

Reply to virginia regalado

you whats the best thing about minecraft command blocks

virginia regalado avatar
Shan Asha Trinidad 4 months ago

Reply to virginia regalado

survival craft was inspirade from minecraft 😀😕

virginia regalado avatar
Metric Craft 4 months ago

Reply to virginia regalado

I think minecraft is better because it has the neither and the end and also it constantly keeps updating.

virginia regalado avatar
angel lucas 7 months ago

Reply to virginia regalado

I actually belive that minecraft is better but I will play this from time to time😑😕

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